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Why an ALWAYS ON campaign is important for your brand.

always on marketingALWAYS ON marketing is not new, and the good news is that it is easy to implement an always on campaign without affecting your other marketing activities.

What is an ALWAYS ON campaign?

In the pre-digital world (does anyone still remember that?), it was common for marketing activities to be planned in campaigns bursts. The campaigns centered around a product launch, or a particular promotion, for example. An ALWAYS ON campaign works differently and as its name suggests, it is a continuous campaign that never turns off. ALWAYS ON activity supports customer acquisition and retention and aims to maximise your brand’s visibility throughout the entire customer life cycle.

Key ALWAYS ON examples include Paid Social Media Advertising and Search Engine Marketing to maintain increased visibility as potential customers search for products and services, at different stages of the purchasing lifecycle.

Customers are ALWAYS ON, are you?

In today’s digital world, we are all connected, and we are always on. With multiple devices at our disposal, it is highly likely that most people always have access to the internet through their smartphone, laptops, or tablets. With the ability to search for information on the go, you need to make sure your brand pops up in their search results. And each person might be at a different stage in their purchase / decision making process, so you cannot rely on a short-term campaign to capture all the potential customers and sales that you deserve (and as the name suggest a short-term campaign means short-term sales.)

Are campaign bursts still relevant?

Absolutely! ALWAYS ON is a consistent brand awareness exercise that happens in the background. You still run your campaign bursts at the relevant time according to your promotional activity – but it means you won’t see a drastic dip in website traffic or sales numbers when the campaigns end. Campaigns have a specific short-term goal in mind (usually an increase in sales) whereas your ALWAYS ON activity goes further to build long-lasting relationships with your customers, and reaching people at any point that they may be looking for your product or service.

Here is an example of ALWAYS ON marketing activity

As COVID-19 appeared earlier this year and started changing all our lives and businesses, one of our clients saw a drop off in online enquiries and website traffic. By swiftly implementing an ALWAYS ON campaign throughout Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google Ads – we actually saw a 225% uplift in genuine website enquiries within the first 2 weeks of going live. How did you pivot when COVID-19 changed the world?

Example Online Customer Journey

We’ve mapped out this example customer journey below to show you how all the different digital marketing channels work together to bring potential leads to your website, and then all the way through to turning them into a purchase ready conversion. With short burst campaigns, you might not have enough time to bring the relevant people to your website – and then bring them back again and again. But you can achieve this with an ALWAYS ON plan.

The Bubble Co Marketing Infographic


Do you need an ALWAYS ON strategy?

We have helped many brands implement an ALWAYS ON strategy that works for their business. Let’s chat and learn more about your business and key objectives – get in touch with us today and we’ll help you implement an ALWAYS ON marketing strategy that delivers results.