To maximise your paid ads ROI, try these tips 

To maximise your paid ads ROI, try these tips 

Words: Belinda Connolly

Every digital marketer wants to see their ads perform well and report impressive ROI. Analysing performance metrics and innovating to enhance results is time-consuming, but important. Luckily, we’re here to help you with some of the groundwork! Read on for keyword strategy tips and other hacks to make the most of your responsive search ads, video advertising and more. 

Make responsive search ads work for you

Navigating the ever-changing world of Google Ads can seem daunting, but knowing a few tricks can help get better reach for your responsive search ads (RSAs). Here’s a two-tiered approach:  

  1. Understand how to use RSAs

Sounds obvious, but really understanding the user-first approach is key. Google’s RSAs allow advertisers to create a combination of copy and CTA-centrc ads that automatically adjust to match what potential customers are searching for, maximising your ads’ relevance and performance. Allowing for a variety of optimised ad combinations enables Google to mix and match based on user searches. This can increase click-through rates by up to 10%. 

  1.  Refine your keyword strategy

When every character counts in a search ad, you need to have a solid keyword strategy. Long-tail keywords, which are highly specific and tend to have lower search volumes, help to get impressive results from your Google Ads campaign. They tend to achieve higher conversion rates as they cater to more targeted search queries, and are generally less competitive. In fact, Wordstream research indicates that 56 per cent of buyers use queries of three or more words, while only 7 per cent use one word or an acronym.  

Optimise your keyword lists regularly during a campaign by adding relevant long-tail keywords and removing those that aren’t converting. Aim for a healthy balance between broad and specific keywords.

Get better results on social media ads

To grab audience attention and drive higher engagement on social media, it’s essential to use video advertising. Video content continues to dominate social media platforms, and for good reason – it’s engaging and memorable. According to research from Renderforest, video ads on social media can increase conversion rates by up to 34 per cent.  

We’ve discussed how to make short videos that people will want to watch before. Some of the most important things to remember include: 

  • Keep your video to around 15 seconds 
  • Grab your viewers’ attention from the start with a captivating hook 
  • Include a clear CTA. 

Further optimise your video ads by creating visually appealing thumbnails and experimenting with different ad placements and formats. 

The importance of personalisation

People appreciate personalised experiences, and targeted ads are no exception. By making the most of user data on platforms like Facebook you can create highly personalised ads tailored to specific interests, demographics and behaviours. A report by Segment found that 56 per cent of consumers say they will become repeat buyers after a personalised experience, which represents a 7 per cent increase year-on-year. 

An easy way to do this is to share customer feedback. Real stories, reviews and photos from your community builds trust and showcases your brand through the eyes of your satisfied customers. This strategy creates a more authentic connection and encourages potential customers to see themselves having the experiences of others. 

Optimise for mobile

According to a report by social media insight organisation Keyhole, a whopping 99 per cent of social media users access platforms through a mobile device. This statistic underscores the critical importance of optimising your ads for mobile to ensure they are visually appealing and easily consumable on smaller screens. 

Using mobile-specific features like app install ads or location-based targeting improves engagement, as does incorporating interactive elements such as swipe-up links, polls, or augmented reality (AR) filters. 

Want an easy optimise? Change the ad orientation! Using a vertical video format can significantly increase your ad’s views and engagement rates, as it aligns with the natural way people hold their mobile phones.  

Of course, the strategies and tips we’ve outlined above sound like a lot, but each of these small measures combine to really give your paid ads strategy a boost. Want better results on your social media marketing and ads? Call or email us – we are a full-service digital marketing agency delivering stellar paid ad results for clients across a variety of industries. See some of our work here.

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