How to improve your social media results in 2024 

How to improve your social media results in 2024 

Words: Belinda Connolly

As we edge closer to 2024, the social media landscape continues to evolve and new trends emerge which have the power to reshape how brands interact with their audiences. Staying ahead is crucial for marketers and businesses wanting to stay relevant and engage with their audience in an ever-changing digital environment.

Here are three ways to improve your social media in 2024, which are not only easy to implement but can deliver a big return on investment (ROI). From the fun of quiz landing pages, which are also great lead generators, to the authentic influence of micro-influencers, these trends offer innovative and engaging strategies to help connect brands with consumers.

Quiz time

Quiz landing pages are a big social media marketing trend for 2024 that provide a light-hearted way for brands to engage with their audience. These interactive pages ask visitors a series of questions, with the dual purpose of entertaining the user and gathering valuable consumer data via opt in and data input. In a space crowded with ads and content, quizzes invite users to interact with a brand in a personal manner, providing a sense of agency and a level of commitment that can work better than other forms of content.

Quiz landing pages lead to a deeper understanding of the customer in a highly engaging quiz sequence. Participants provide information about their preferences and behaviours, offering brands invaluable insights. This data can then be used to personalise future marketing efforts, making them more effective and efficient.

It is twofold really, you are able to capture data from your ideal customer profile, and collect their data at the same time.

These landing pages show customers that brands care about their needs and want to know more about them, while helping to understand their motivations.

Quiz landing pages can be tailored to suit almost any brand in any industry. For instance, in the B2B space, a logistics brand could ask visitors what they would like to see added to a tech relaunch, while a B2C beauty company could ask a series of questions about the user’s daily skincare regime.

Make sure to include an opt-in form, plenty of testimonials for social proof and a strong call-to-action for the customer, so they continue taking the desired actions.

Small is the new big

If the term micro-influencer makes you think of someone on social media with 76 followers, you need to update your view.

The definition of just how small a following a micro-influencer has varies (from a minimum of 1000 to a minimum of 10,000 followers) but what these influencers lack in quantity, they more than make up for in quality.

According to Manana Papiashvili, Head of Growth at Insense in her talk at AdWorld 2023, brands are looking to partner with influencers who have cultivated smaller interest-based communities.

This is because followers are engaged in the micro-influencer’s niche and want to learn more about that area. Smaller audiences provide benefits that sometimes bigger audiences lack. You can craft more intimate campaigns with a micro-influencers smaller but highly engaged audience, which may yield better results than mass marketing with little effect.

This engagement can lead to better conversion rates for campaigns.

Micro-influencers are perceived as more relatable and authentic compared to their macro counterparts, making their endorsements more impactful. This all adds up to higher trust and credibility.

Good micro-influencers take the time to respond to comments and queries in their posts, and encourage followers to create and share user generated content (UGC). This content is in turn a boon to brands, who can use it in their campaigns.

How to collaborate with social media micro-influencers

This brings us to how to collaborate with micro-influencers on social media in Australia. Much of a successful collaboration comes down to the brief you provide to your micro-influencer, and the expectations. Here’s how to create a successful brief for a micro-influencer:

  • Provide brand and product overview and value propositions in every brief.
  • Highlight the call to action (CTA) – do you want followers to click on a link? Buy now? Comment and share? Make it clear and easy for followers to take the desired action.
  • You have the option of creative freedom vs script. This may depend on the micro-influencer and if they prefer a more improv style, or would rather work off a script.
  • Remember: you are the expert of your product but the influencer is the expert in their community and content.
  • Always negotiate for the raw footage.
  • More content provides more options and allows you to create a content library.
  • Be open to feedback and input from your chosen influencer, they are usually quite creative and may have ideas of their own to contribute.

Find out more about influencer marketing here.

Being at the forefront of new social trends requires a mix of creativity, insight and adaptability. Let 2024 be the year that your brand embraces strategies that create more personalised and authentic experiences that resonate with consumers, foster genuine relationships and convert engagement into tangible results.

Social media and content marketing are no longer ideas for the back burner of any modern business, they are essential pillars to a strong marketing strategy and should most definitely be considered as you prepare for the new year.

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