Should Always On campaigns be part of your 2024 marketing strategy 

Should Always On campaigns be part of your 2024 marketing strategy 

Words by: Belinda Connolly

Having a continuous online presence is something that all brands should be aiming for in 2024, as a way of reaching customers and potentials. The reason is simple: the internet is always on, and your customers are always on, so your brand should be always on, too. 

An Always On campaign allows a consistent and ongoing presence across different digital channels, providing numerous benefits for brands. Always On campaigns combines search engine optimisation (SEO), content marketing, social media and display advertising to put eyeballs on your brand 24/7. 

As you plan your marketing strategy for 2024, here are some reasons why including Always On campaigns should be a priority. 

Uninterrupted brand visibility and awareness 

It can be hard to maintain brand visibility online but Always On campaigns ensure your product or service is consistently in front of your target audience. This consistent exposure builds brand awareness and familiarity, leading to increased trust and consideration when making purchasing decisions. 

Research by GlobalWebIndex found that 67% of consumers are more likely to trust and consider brands they frequently encounter across various digital platforms. In other words, having an Always On campaign with consistent messaging on different social media sites helps your customers find you and trust you, making the next step of making a sale that much easier. 

Consistent visibility also helps establish your brand as a reliable and authoritative presence in your industry. When your target audience sees your brand consistently across multiple touchpoints, they perceive your business as a reliable source of information, products or services. This strengthens your reputation and positions you as a market leader. 

Seamless customer engagement 

An effective marketing strategy aims to engage customers at every touchpoint of their journey. Always On campaigns enable businesses to provide a seamless experience by delivering targeted content across multiple channels and devices. By understanding your audience’s preferences and behaviours, you can tailor your messaging and offerings to meet their needs at different stages of the customer journey. This drives conversions and encourages repeat business, leading to long-term customer satisfaction and revenue growth, while creating loyalty. 

Always On campaigns enable brands to consistently provide value, whether through informative content, entertainment or customer service, which reinforces a positive brand image. This continuous engagement helps in building a community around the brand, where customers can develop good rapport with your brand.  

This significantly increases their likelihood of staying loyal and advocating for the brand within their own networks. Satisfied customers are more likely to become brand ambassadors, recommending your products or services to others, expanding your customer base organically. 

Real-time adaptability and optimisation 

Always On campaigns allow you to monitor and adapt to digital marketing changes in real-time. By leveraging analytics and performance metrics, you can gather insights on campaign effectiveness and make immediate data-driven optimisations.  

This agility enables you to refine your messaging, targeting and channel selection to maximise results and ROI. By staying responsive to market dynamics and consumer behaviours, your marketing efforts remain relevant, ensuring a competitive edge. 

Real-time adaptability allows you to capitalise on emerging opportunities, whether it’s a trending topic on social media or a sudden surge in demand for a particular product or service. Being nimble and adaptable allows you to stay ahead of your competitors and drive growth and profitability. 

With their potential to maintain uninterrupted brand visibility and awareness, Always On campaigns help foster lasting customer relationships while helping you stay ahead of the competition. Incorporating Always On campaigns into your 2024 marketing strategy is a smart move in the always-changing digital marketing landscape. 

Need helping implementing new digital marketing strategies or launching an Always On campaign? Speak to us! We can work with you to find the best ways to solve your marketing needs. 

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