latest-trends-in-marketing-to-grow-your-small-businessTrend 1: Health & Fitness

Consumers are more educated on the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. However, what about your business that may not be in the health & fitness sector?

Here are some marketing ideas for other small businesses:

  • A restaurant can include additional healthy meals on the menu
  • A hair salon can show customers the healthy benefits of using certain products
  • A pet store can showcase the health benefits customers get from getting out and about with their pets

You don’t need to be in the health and fitness industry to take advantage of this rising trend.

Trend 2: Community Building

Actively engaged customers build their own networks and communities online. The rise of social media, particularly Instagram, has seen an increase in everyday individuals becoming mini celebrities online. They gain huge followings simply by showcasing their passion, or by showcasing their day to day lives. Small businesses can leverage from these individuals. These people can act as influencers online for your product or service. Simply get in touch with these people online offer a free trial of your product or service. By making sure they have a great experience, they will then spread word of mouth referrals back to your business.

Trend 3: Convergence

People want to do more than one thing at one time and simplify their lives. How can your product or service save customers some time? If you have customers, then you have customer data. You should be using the customer data you have to better understand the people who come to you, so you can enhance their customer experience. Anything you can do to make their lives simpler, faster and more cohesive will ultimately satisfy your customers now and in the near future.


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