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ALWAYS ON marketing is not new, and the good news is that it is easy to implement an always on campaign without affecting your other marketing activities.

What is an ALWAYS ON campaign?

In the pre-digital world (does anyone still remember that?), it was common for marketing activities to be planned in campaigns bursts. The campaigns centered around a product launch, or a particular promotion, for example. An ALWAYS ON campaign works differently and as its name suggests, it is a continuous campaign that never turns off. ALWAYS ON activity supports customer acquisition and retention and aims to maximise your brand’s visibility throughout the entire customer life cycle.


Key ALWAYS ON examples include Paid Social Media Advertising and Search Engine Marketing to maintain increased visibility as potential customers search for products and services, at different stages of the purchasing lifecycle.

Example Online Customer Journey

We’ve mapped out this example customer journey below to show you how all the different digital marketing channels work together to bring potential leads to your website, and then all the way through to turning them into a purchase ready conversion. With short burst campaigns, you might not have enough time to bring the relevant people to your website – and then bring them back again and again. But you can achieve this with an ALWAYS ON plan.


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