Career Focused Yet Finding That Work-Life Balance

Women Working From HomeIf you are anything like me, from the day I graduated University with a Business degree in Marketing (which was a little while ago!), getting a job at a large corporation, with big marketing budgets and lots of opportunity was my primary focus. So, when I landed my first job as a Brand Manager, it was the beginning of my climb in the corporate world, which slowly over time developed into 60 hour weeks, loads of travel, limited flexibility and not to forget playing politics when needed.  Despite all of that, I still loved lots of moments that a corporate career has taught me about strategy, leadership, innovation, execution, ROI, business development and the list can go on.

But fast track 20 years from my first role and initial desire to climb to the top of the corporate ladder, and while I haven’t lost my desire for marketing or success – I much prefer a work life-balance approach – and so does my family!  In fact, most Australians prioritise flexible working hours rather than pay increases and monetary benefits these days.  I’m actually quite impressed that Millennials have got it right from the start – as research has shown they prefer better work environments rather than better job titles!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the work-life balance in a big corporate company (and I’m not here to bag corporates as many have given me great opportunities over the years), I just decided climbing that ladder wasn’t for me.

So, what did I do instead?

I teamed up with a Millennial from the corporate & agency world who also worked hard, is super smart, and thought the same! (or should I say I thought like her, as a Millennial!)

Given the digital world of marketing, it has allowed us as like minded people (from different generations!) with different skill sets and yet the same vision and work ethic in place, to create a full service digital marketing agency, with a  primary goal of ensuring our client’s brands get seen and heard.

As mentioned in a previous blog from The Bubble Co, to create a successful marketing campaign, you will need a copywriter, graphic designer, social media expert, Google certified professional, strategist, website designer, website developer and project manager. We get to offer all this expertise and capability, working with some of the best in the industry, but with the same mindset.

Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes you still work a 60-hour week, but the opportunity for flexibility is there. You don’t have to work 9-5 to be effective!  If we want to develop content after putting the kids to bed or if you want to get up early and work in the morning, so you can go to a mid-morning gym session – you can.  Somehow you work harder, smarter and deliver more.  So maybe it is those long meetings you used to have in your 9-5 job that allows more time for flexibility?

So, what is the result?

Well as research has shown flexible work arrangements often increase productivity, creativity, health and wellbeing, which is exactly what we have seen of those working with The Bubble Co.  What’s more is these benefits can be seen and shared with our family and friends, as after all, that is what matters in life isn’t it?  It may not be the norm, but we are hoping one day it will be for a lot more corporations and people.

Both of us owe a great deal to gaining the skills we have from the corporate world, so I guess that’s one of the benefits of having that experience – you can take us out of corporate environment, but corporate will always be in us in some way. This has definitely helped to ensure we deliver and execute strong results driven digital and marketing plans for our clients.

If you are after a digital marketing agency that puts its people first and is committed to delivering strong results, then contact us today.

-Written by Sarah Jones, Co-Director of The Bubble Co.

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