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  1. The first tip is to make sure you’re actually doing some email marketing – it’s a cheap and effective way to reach people wherever they are. Unlike TV, Radio, Billboard, Newspaper and Event Marketing, you will reach your customers regardless of where they located at the time of your send. Most people have smartphones with them 24/7 these days, so you’ll be getting in front of your customers (make sure your email is mobile friendly).
  2. Subject Line – People are bombarded with 1000’s of emails a day. The most effective way to make sure yours gets opened, is to write an attention-grabbing subject line. It’s not always easy to know what your audience regards as attention-grabbing. Most eDM clients allow you to A/B test subject lines. This is the best way to find what tone your audience responds to better. The best A/B test results are found when you make the test subject lines completely different from one another. For example, Subject line A might talk about the promotional offer immediately (Take 20% off Winter Clothing!). Subject Line B could be more witty or clever (Brrr, it’s cold. We’ll warm you up).
  3. Landing page – every email you send out must have a relevant landing page relating to the message in your email. If your email is about a special promotional offer, create a landing page with the offer, terms and conditions, products included in the sale. If your email is about a particular product category on your website, you can link to that category page. If you link every email simply to the home page of your website, customers become disengaged as they have no further information on the email they were interested in. Remember, people don’t have time to search for more information. Put it in front of them.
  4. Clean – People are bombarded with 1000s of marketing messages a day. Keep yours clean, simple and to the point. Customers will appreciate you saving them time, while still presenting relevant information to them.
  5. 1 message – This is so important. Make it clear what you are selling to customers. If there’s a special offer, only talk about that. If you do have multiple messages you need to write about, add short snippets, with a link to a landing page that holds all the information. Having 1 message will make it easier for you to create a relevant landing page too.
  6. Contact Details clearly visible – There is nothing worse than getting an email, opening it up, reading the message, being genuinely interested then you cannot find any contact details for further information. Put your logo, website, contact number, and web links clearly in your eDM.
  7. Ensure your staff are fully across it – OK, so there is something worse than no contact details. It’s when you call a company about their email marketing offer, and the customer service staff have no idea what you’re talking about. It presents an unprofessional view of your business. Before you send any email out to customers, make sure your staff are fully aware of the details.
  8. Test times to find the perfect fit for your brand – Not all businesses are the same. While one may find Wednesday at 10.30am is the best send time to get the highest open and click rates, another will use Tuesday at 1.30pm. You should test sending your emails at different times to find when you are getting the most consistently high result. Remember to re-test every few months or when your open rates start to decline.
  9. Personalisation – This is a great way to make a personal connection with your customers. You’re showing them that you know them by name. Customers will feel special and more appreciated. But only if you get it right! When using personalised customer information, make sure you have accurate data. Check it before sending an email and then check it again!
  10. Call to action – so you’ve created an email and led your customers on a journey. Now close the deal! Tell them what you want them to do next. Call Now? Buy Now? Visit this page? Get creative with the wording of your call to action buttons. This is another good thing to test to find out what works best with your customers.As you can see, there are many things to consider when sending the perfect email marketing messages. This list highlights the main important considerations, but there are many more.