Small businesses in particular, think they don’t need a marketing plan.

“Marketing plans are for big businesses, with big marketing teams”
“I would love to, but I don’t have the time to write a marketing plan”
“We don’t have anyone here who knows how to implement a marketing plan, let alone anyone who could write one” 

These are some of the statements small business owners make every day.

Do you think their opinion would change if they heard that all their competitors have a clear marketing plan? Without a marketing plan, how will you stand out from your competitors?

Is it for me?

A good marketing plan helps you reach your target market, increase your customer base and ultimately boost your profits. By setting clear, achievable and measurable results your business will be steered in the right direction. Sure, it can take some time and effort – but why start a business if you weren’t willing to put in some time and effort?

So, are marketing plans for big or small businesses? Marketing plans are needed for EVERY business. Well, as long as you want to attract customers, increase brand awareness and grow your bottom line!

Stand out!

Competition is growing in all industries. Never has there been so much choice for customers out there in the market. How will you make them choose you? A strong marketing plan outlines all your customer touchpoints, what makes you unique over the competition (even who your competitors are!) and how you will meet customer’s needs better. Without this, you are standing on a level playing field with your competition.

Get Strategic!

marketing-plans-to-be-successfulWhere do you see your business in 5, 10 or 20 years? Hopefully, still in business!

Stop worrying about the future, and take a strategic hold of it instead. A strong marketing plan will become your guideline to success for many years to come. The better your marketing plan is, the less you will have to invest in failed endeavours.

Take Control!

No longer will you be unsure where to allocate your resources and promotional funds. Never again will your staff be unaware of the direction the business is headed. A well-rounded marketing plan gives you control of your business and a great performance tool for employees.

It is clear to see that the benefits of marketing plans outweigh the initial input. Give yourself a strong plan to guide your business into a successful future. If you’re still unsure how a marketing plan could help your business, let us show you.

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