7-landing-page-mistakesLanding pages are frequently created to drive customers to your website from emails, online advertisements, web banners or offline mediums. Most people see thousands of marketing messages per day. To make sure yours gets seen, clicked on and converted – avoid these common landing page mistakes.


The headline of your landing page MUST be relevant and clear. It’s the first thing customers will see and this leads to a decision – stay or leave. Avoid the mistake of a confusing or irrelevant title.


Followed very closely in importance, is the page’s purpose. If a customer has to search for information, you have made a mistake. A good landing page will immediately tell customer its message. In many cases, you only have a few seconds to make a customer stay on your page. Get to the point – and do it quickly.

Loading Time

If you only have a few seconds to keep a customer on your page, don’t let this be consumed by your loading time. Your potential customer will leave your page before they have even seen anything! It’s important to use engaging visuals on your page, but make sure they are suitable in size. Large, uncompressed images will slow down your loading time.


If you need visitors to complete a form – keep it short and simple. It is a huge mistake to create long, time-consuming forms. Most visitors will not complete them and you could lose valuable customers.

Single Message

Ensure your landing page has one single message – aligned with the reason they visited your page to begin with. Visitors may have come from a web banner, an email, a google advert or a simple flyer. Make sure your landing page message matches the message on all other channels.

Call to Action

Many landing pages meet all the above criteria – yet they do not have a call to action. If you have succeeded in getting visitors to your landing page, kept them engaged long enough to stay, you MUST have a clear call to action on your page. Help customers complete the journey by drawing attention to the call to action. Do you want customers to sign up for a free demo, buy now or enter their email address to access content? Whatever it is, you must make it easy for them to do so.

A/B Testing 

Finally, we will conclude with the importance of A/B Testing. To find out what resonates with your visitors, test different types of landing pages for your campaigns. By doing this, you will learn valuable lessons in optimising future campaigns and increasing conversions!

It can take a lot of effort to get people on your site, so make sure you keep them there by using smart landing page strategies.

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