3 Lead Generation Myths to Ignore

3 Lead Generation Myths to Ignore

In the world of lead generation, understanding user demographics, content preferences and algorithms means creating the right bespoke strategies for the right social media platform. Lead generation is pivotal in creating a targeted audience to increase the likelihood of converting prospects into loyal customers. Without effective lead gen, you risk wasting resources on broad campaigns with lower conversion rates.

We all know that tracking and measuring key metrics such as engagement, reach and lead conversions is important, as is analysing the data to refine your efforts. But when it comes to myths about lead gen there are a heap out there. For instance, you’ve probably thought that lead gen is expensive, or that the more leads you have, the better. FYI, both of these are incorrect. 

 So, what is the best way to get results from your next lead generation campaign? Read on to find out. 

Myth #1: There’s more to lead gen than just social media 

 As a digital marketing agency, we’re all for social media. However, its important not to put all your lead gen eggs into the social media basket. Integrating other marketing channels – such as SEO and email marketing – is import to drive traffic and sales. 

 SEO ensures that your content stays at the top of relevant searches. By optimising website content for targeted keywords, you can attract organic, high-intent traffic. Potential customers actively seeking solutions are more likely to convert, making SEO a pivotal lead generation strategy. 

 Email marketing is often considered the bedrock of digital communication thanks to its ability to provide tailor-made content to leads and potentials. Use personalised campaigns to nurture potential leads by delivering promotional offers and product updates directly to their inbox. Well-crafted emails drive engagement, encourage click-throughs, and foster customer loyalty, making it a valuable channel for both acquiring and retaining leads. 

Myth #2 Social selling isn’t effective 

 Social selling is using social media platforms and online communities to engage with potential customers, build relationships and ultimately generate leads. It involves leveraging social media networks to nurture prospects, provide value and drive conversions by using personalised and targeted communication strategies. 

 To tailor your social selling efforts to resonate with your target audience try:  

  • Defining your target audience: Identify your ideal customer profile and understand their needs, pain points and preferences.  
  • Choosing the right social media platforms: Research which platforms your target audience frequents and focus your efforts there to maximise reach and engagement potential. 
  • Building a strong online presence: Optimise your social media profiles to ensure they reflect your brand identity. Share valuable content, industry insights and updates regularly to position yourself as an industry expert and build credibility. 
  • Engaging with your audience: Actively participate in relevant discussions, comment on posts and respond to comments and inquires.  
  • Personalising your approach: Tailor your communication to each prospect and avoid generic messages. Personalisation shows that you’ve taken the time to understand their specific needs, increasing the likelihood of generating a lead. 
  • Providing value through content: Share valuable content that addresses your audience’s pain points to position your brand as a helpful resource while encouraging prospects to engage with your brand. 

Myth #3: Social listening won’t generate leads 

Social listening is a potent strategy for lead generation. At its core, social listening is the art of monitoring digital conversations to understand what customers are saying about a brand online. But beyond reputation management, it’s an underused treasure trove for generating leads. 

When businesses attentively tune into these discussions, they can identify potential customers expressing needs or pain points their products or services can address. For instance, a user might tweet about their frustration with a slow laptop, presenting an opportunity for a tech company to introduce their high-speed model. 

By engaging with these individuals directly and providing solutions, brands can foster organic relationships and cultivate trust. Over time, this personalised engagement can nurture leads more effectively than traditional cold outreach. Social listening transforms passive online chatter into actionable business insights, driving both lead quality and quantity. 

Once you’ve connected with potential leads, focus on building relationships rather than pushing for immediate sales. Engage in meaningful conversations, offer assistance, and provide value to build trust and rapport. 

Try these social media tips for lead generation 

Meta provides multiple opportunities for lead generation across its Instagram and Facebook platforms.  

On Instagram try: 

Business profile  

IG stories 

IG live 

IG contests 


Influencer marketing 



Facebook examples of lead generation include: 

FB Lead Ads  

Custom audiences  

Lookalike audiences  

FB groups  


FB event ads 

FB Marketplace. 

Confused by how to run an effective social media campaign? Need help setting up a lead generation campaign or want to discuss a new digital marketing strategy? Contact us! The Bubble Co. is a data-driven digital marketing agency specialising in all aspects of marketing, strategy and planning. 

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