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About 68% of businesses use landing pages to drive lead generation from digital marketing. Are you part of this?

A landing page is a purpose-built website page that has 1 main objective – and that needs to match the intent of the ad or click that brought the person to that page. The main difference between a standard website page is that it forms part of your website menu structure. A landing page does not always need to – it can be built separately for the purpose of your campaign.

48% of marketers build a new landing page per campaign.

How you can benefit from using landing pages?

  • Generate leads for a specific campaign
  • Provide instant credibility to the landing page visitors, when it is specifically relevant to the click that brought them there
  • SEO benefits
  • Generate data and insights about your audience
  • Create an audience of people who have interest in that particular product or service, so they can be re-marketed to

When can you use landing pages?

  • For Google Ads campaigns: the most successful campaigns have a specific landing page created, which people click through to in order to find relevant information about that topic. This increases the likelihood of conversion
  • Capture Leads: if you have gated content to give away in exchange for building a database of contact details – then a landing page is a must
  • Local content: large multi-national companies can benefit from local landing pages, particularly if they are all working from a global website

What is involved in creating a landing page?

  • Understanding your objectives
  • Creating content
  • Designing & developing the page
  • Tracking and measuring results

We can help you every step of the way. Take the hassle out of your campaign planning and engage with our digital experts! We’ll ensure your entire campaign is integrated and seamless.

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